Cecil Whittaker’s can help you raise funds for your group or organization. We offer several ways to raise funds.

Pizza sales
This is the fastest, most popular way to earn money. You simply take orders for pizzas (Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, or Combination Sausage and Pepperoni), collecting the name, address, phone number, type of pizza and money. Give the results of your whole group to CWP and we will make the pizzas for you to distribute. We will sell you the pizza at our cost, enabling you to add $3 to $5 per pizza for your profit. A group of 10 can easily raise $500 by selling 10 pizzas each to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

Gift card sales
CWP will sell any number and denomination of gift cards to your group at up to a 20% discount. You sell them to your customers at face value and you keep the difference. These cards are redeemable at all participating pizzerias.

Your day at Cecil’s
Pick a restaurant and a date and up to 20% of the gross sales will be reimbursed to your group. You simply mention the name of your group when you dine in, carry out or order for delivery to receive credit for your purchase.

Please contact your favorite Cecil Whittaker’s location to get more details or book a fundraiser.